Heartwork Homes was established by Larry and Ina Reimer in 1994. Tired of being away from his growing family, Larry decided to start a home-based family business, built on honesty and trust. Larry is involved in every aspect of the build and you will often see him on site.

“As a family run business, we want more then to build people beautiful homes, but we want to form life long relationships.”

Karlee Peters

Heartwork builds Custom homes all over Manitoba, as close by as Larry’s home town of Landmark, and as far as Lake of the Woods and Riding Mountain National Park. Over the years they have done more then just custom homes, building commercial projects for a variety of companies. With Larry’s over 30 years of experience in the industry and the wide variety of projects completed by Heartwork Homes, there expertise and experiences give them confidence in being able to help people make their dreams, into reality.

Heartwork takes pride in using only the best quality products and services when building. They strive to stay current with new products that are developed to make new homes more energy efficient and economical.

Together with Larry’s wife Ina, and daughter Karlee and their hard working group of sub trades, Heartwork homes strives to build homes, cabins, businesses and projects that everyone is proud to show off.

From the initial meetings and planning stages, right through to our home’s completion and afterwards, Larry and Karlee from Heartwork Homes have been incredible to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable, kind, and generous with their time. They made what could have been and often is an extremely stressful process (from a client’s perspective) fairly effortless and enjoyable. I joked that if only they hadn’t built us a perfect forever home, I would do this all over again with them in a heartbeat! But in all seriousness, what we appreciated the most was that they work with real honesty and integrity, they helped us build within our budget and yet still somehow get exactly what we needed, and when any issues arose they addressed them quickly and directly and corrected them as necessary. Ultimately they and their skilled trades built a home for our family that we are proud of and know will stand the test of time. They have been a true blessing for our family and we would highly recommend them.

I have worked with Heartwork Homes on numerous building projects and have been pleased with the results each and every time. Larry and his staff are driven by integrity, quality and professionalism. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Thanks you so much for building our home, we love it! Heartwork homes was absolutely the right people to build us our home. They care about the people they build homes for. They were there every step of the way, from start to finish. They build you what you wanted and need, not what they think you should have. They also have the best people working for them and if you have any questions about what is happening  they are always happy to answer questions if you are unsure about anything. They build quality homes. They go shopping for all the fixtures with you and you are never alone throughout the process, that’s I what I loved about the whole process, if you are stuck on a step like lighting Karlee is always there to make suggestions, if you need. If I had to go through the process of building another home the only choice for me is Heartwork Homes. 

Many years ago we built a home. The process was so stressful we vowed to never do it again.

Then we were introduced to Larry and Karlee. They understood exactly what we wanted. They made suggestions that made sense and worked well.

They were diligent in completing the house on time. Having Karlee is like having your own personal interior designer – she dealt with so many of the little details it wouldn’t have occurred to us to do and we were so grateful.

We were beyond impressed with how quickly both Larry and Karlee respond to our questions, customer service at its finest.

At the end of the day Larry and Karlee built our dream home, we love it – and we are grateful for their kindness, skill and friendship.

My wife and I lost our home to a fire in 2016. We were referred by friends to Larry Reimer of Heartwork Homes and immediately liked him from the first time we met him. It was an easy decision to ask Larry to rebuild our home.

Larry has a lot of knowledge and experience in home building and also took the time to answer every question that we had. He is extremely easy to work with and easy to get a hold of through the entire building process. If there was ever something that we weren’t happy with, the problem was quickly rectified and our voices heard. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Larry to anybody wanting to do a build or renovation…you’ll probably gain a new friend in the process.