Happy Easter!

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From our family to yours, happy Easter.

He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee:  ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” ~ Luke 24: 6-7

Spring has made an entrance, here in Manitoba

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Top ten things to do, to prepare your home for Spring!

1. Check all eaves and guttersThis is very key, as the SNOW melts during the day and freezes    back up during the night, this can cause a lot of harm to your eaves troughs and those     people/animals standing below.

2. Clear excess snow off roof – This might be something you would have done throughout the winter to keep the weight off your roof, but if not this may be something you will want to do once the snow starts to melt. It may not always be the case, but especially if you have an older house, this thaw can cause your roof to start leaking, as the water is sitting.

3. Shovel Manitoba amounts of snow, away from basement windows – We all love to have big basement windows with beautiful  window wells, but with Manitoba snow falls, it can be the case that these window wells have now turned into bowls for snow, or water. In most cases this should not be an issue, but in the case of a quick thaw, I would suggest shoveling a majority of the snow away from the windows.

4. Be aware of your surroundings – Make sure you are checking your basement regularly for water, or other issues. This is not always the case, but often in older homes, this scenario is redundant. Listen for your sump pump and make sure it is doing its job properly.

 5. Inspection – Once ALL the snow is gone, take a walk around, make sure nothing on your house looks damaged and take note of things that you would like to repair this summer, or sooner if needed.

6. Clean up the yard – You may have done a great fall clean up of all the leaves and plants, but we all know the Manitoba winds pick up the day after you clean up the yard, and all the leaves are back in the yard. Lets have an outside clean up day and I’ll bring the marshmallows 😉

7. Store all of that fun, and not so fun winter equipment – Its that time of year again, to put away all of the shovels, snowblowers, and not to mention all the toys (snowmobiles, toboggans, etc). Look over all of these items or have them tuned up, so that your rearing to go, when October comes again… I mean December.

8. Testing, testing, one, two, three – Test all of the fire alarms in your home, and switch out the batteries. This is a great time to do these types of tasks, as its a great reminder that every spring is testing time.

9. Clean!  – I’m not going to go through the long list of things that you could possibly clean, because we all know it would be a long one. Here is the one thing we may forget; furnace filters. WInter is long, dusty, and dry.  The Spring is a great time to get a fresh start and every fresh start, needs a new furnace filter!

10. Create and Enjoy – Its the season we have all been waiting 7 months for, ITS SPRING! Let down your hair and run in the soggy grass 🙂



“Why Build a Custom Home in Manitoba?”

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Here are a few reasons, why you may want to consider choosing a custom home builder in Manitoba.

Building a new home can give the impression of being very intimidating, to the point where people may feel overwhelmed with questions and concerns.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to build a custom home vs buying an existing house.

  • Being able design your house the way you want it. There are so many different ways to build a home,  and when you are custom building,“you” the home owner get to design it the way you want.
  • Being able to pick exactly what you want, in all  aspects of your home. When building custom you can pick from various options for what you want  in your dream home.
  • Building your dream home in your desired location. Homes can be built just about anywhere, with custom home building, you find the lot where you want to live.
  • Working side by side with your home builder. You have someone with experience to answer your questions, and be able to express your concerns too.
  •  Building a home, in the location that you want, with a price that fits your budget.
  •  Starting to create your new home can feel overwhelming, but when you find the right people to work with it can be a great experience. One concern many new home buyers have, is that they cannot visualize the finished product. Custom home builders, are there to help you see the vision, see what your future home will look like.
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