2014 January

How to keep your home warmer, on these cold Manitoba days.

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1. Make sure all of your windows and doors are closed securely. 

  • Keep your windows air- tight. If you are find that a lot of cold air is coming in your windows, you may want to consider removable caulking, or at least stuffing a towel in the noticeable areas.
  • You may need to replace weather stripping on doors to keep wind and snow from sneaking in under the door.

rsz_image_copy_92.  Open blinds when the sun is shinning. It may feel like its always dark in Manitoba, but Winnipeg has an average of 316 days of sun.


3. Close off all unused rooms. No need to heat rooms in your house you don’t use, it may make Manitoba Hydro happy, but you’ll be feeling it in your wallet.

  • Close registers, in rooms that are not being used .
  • Check registers in rooms that are in use, often a rug or dirty laundry can be blocking a vent.


4. Light candles. They heat more then you think, and if you don’t believe me, try it. Its a cheap experiment.

rsz_image_copy_115. (Last, but not least) Bake cookies! Your oven will help to warm your house, and dry the air.


Keep warm!

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